Kgosi Finally Opens Up About Loko

storeDuring the afternoon in the storeroom, today, Kgosi got trapped in there. However, this turned out to be a turning point for him, as Kgosi who had been holding his feelings for Loko back tried opening up at first but brother got turned down. Ouch!

This might not come as a shockers to most us as we all know he has always had a soft spot for Loko. When he first came into the House, along with his quest to settle in; he actually settled in very well with Loko. Truth be told, we were already having goosebumps thinking that we are yet to experience another ride of romance.

For a while there, somewhere in between; we thought that he had gotten over the crush he had for Loko. Clearly it was not just a crush but it was too deep. We could be talking real love here.

It's good to see that he has true feelings for Loko though and that should somehow be comfort to her mind because Kgosi seems to have an innocent agenda.

The young beautiful Loko knows very well about how Kgosi feels but it looks as if she is nowhere near considering. It could be that Loko is into Poolie, since she has been more comfy with him rather. As if that would throw Kgosi off the bridge but he supposedly seems optimistic.

This is all just amazing! Dude couldn't even take his eyes off Loko and he looked so drunk in love when she and Lexi were dancing in the rain. He was charmed, no doubt.

Congratulations to Kgosi for coming out of his closet; well storeroom rather.

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