Liquor After Effect

mandlexYou all need to have seen the self proclaimed queen-for-real, Lexi after a one too many Shap Shap's from last night's epic Saturday Night Party. The diva fell sick after a drinking spree and we were privy to a more vulnerable, softer side to her when Mandla came to her rescue.

The couple that no Secret has been quite a ride since they set foot in the House, caught one another’s eye across the room. She flicked her hair and her hips and he fell head over her six-inch hooker heals and they lived happily ever after.

Except things were never quite as ring-a-ring-a-rose, they were more of a sneeze and a fall down with Lexi sending mixed signals after ‘friend-zoning’ him and then altogether ditching her Romeo on the side of the road. Lexi couldn’t get down with what Mandla had to offer when she dissed him in full view of everyone saying she wouldn’t go for him on the outside. After a series of unremitting tirades in which she would shred Mandla’s character to pieces we were convinced that love had left the building.

However, last night when Mandla held a boozed up Lexi’s braids back while she hurled her guts out he then nursed her back to the land of the sober (well, semi sober). It all came flooding back taking us back to the good old days of Mandlexi. It seemed we weren’t the only ones who missed the leading couple as Lexi couldn’t help but beg Mandla to hold her.

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