Live Feed: Day 28

mandla cry06:31 In the still and quiet of the early morning Mandla, purched on the stairs, can be seen burden by grief as tears rolled down his cheek. He seems to carry the whole world on his bare shoulder. We wonder what could be matter here. Could he have woken up from a bad dream or is he feeling like he is in that bad dream?

07:00 Mandla washes some dishes and could be heard humming an uplifting tune. The bubbly lad seemed to be cheering himself up with an apparently hung overLexi:
Lexi in the background trying to sort her life out.

08:30 The Big Brother House is like Sharpville on the morning after a night of protesting and rife hostility.

08:39 Big Brother switches the stereo on and lets the soulful tunes of a Sunday morning soothe the sleeping Housemates out of their slumber.

08:47 Mandla sits beside a groggy Lexi:
Lexi and the two seem to be friends now more than anything. It’s heart-warming to see what with all the animosity that has been running unbridled in the House.

09:00 But is that Lexi looking at Mandla in love-struck, enamoured kind of way? hmmmm...

09:15 Hairdressers come into the House to give the boys some much needed grooming.

09:30 Sol is up and out of his chair as soon as his mohawk is trimmed and ready to go.

09:32 It's Kgosi turn and the Hairdresser labours over his taught fro. He tells Jase he doesn't comb his hair much because it's somewhat of a hassle.

09:46 Yikes! all that pulling and combing looks painful Kgosi! Watch out, that comb might break!

10:00 He may be the most naive in the House but Kat's toyboy Jase sure packs some delicious eye candy with all that hair enveloping his dewy skin and chiseled profile. That mohawk is taking great shape!

10:09 Mama's boys. Mzamo and Mandla tell Sol they miss their mother's with Mzamo sending a shout out to his source of nurture and Mandla recounting that he saw his mommy in a dream he had last night. He seems to have been shook by the dream.

10:32 Poolie gets his hear conditioned and trimmed along the edges while it seems Kgosi faces rough times under the drier. Jase looking debonair already!

10:41 After all that hair styling is looking like a something out of an candy store he was so pretty; prettier perhaps, the girls right now. Kgosi is taking a risk and dying his afro jet black.

10:50 Lola is fascinated at all the grooming that the boys are undergoing. She announces that she would never allow her man to spend more than ten minutes getting ready in the morning let alone sit in the salon to do his hair. Well Lola, welcome to a new world of metrosexual boys. We bade the 50's farewell a while ago.

11:10 Poolie rushes upstairs to give his sleeping beauty Loko a 'good morning' wrestle and peck on her neck.

11:29 Kgosi is of the opinion that Mzamo and Jase's hairdo's are too fabulous.

11:33 Kgosi makes a comment about last night's drama with Kat and Jase and the Housemates advise him to leave the past in the past.

12:26 The girls talk about all the syncing up their going through as Thando informs them she can feel her period is on the way.

13:06 Thando and Lola sit Lexi down and interrogate her about Mandla tucking her in last night.

13:11 The three sisters have a catch up session about last night's party. Apparently Thandowalked in on Kat with Sol rubbing down her thighs.

13:26 Could Loko be distancing herself from Kat? Has she joined the tri-sisters aliance? Thando says sooner or later Loko will wake up to the fact that hanging out with Kat associates her with her riske ways which will ruin her brand.

13:33 Jase's sparkling hairdo went out with the bath water and the boy is as stunned as could possibly be. He approaches the girls for help and they can't help but chuckle at him.

13:54 Lexi asks Biggie to bump the music up while the Housemates get packing.

13:57 After much joking and chuckling about during a game of dominoes, Sol dampens the mood by confronting Mzamo about a language issue. Mzamo seems to be the language police.

14:09 MK and Iris have a friendly little flirting fling going on. He told her should her leave, he will miss her but not her arguing.

14:20 Lets go shopping. The Housemates gather in the lounge and do their weekly shopping via an LCD screen. Mandla cleans up well and charms the giggles out of Thandoand the girls.

14:25 Is that Kat stuck onto Sol's hip? hmmm... Iris protests that if she walks out of the House tonight, she is going to take her groceries along.

15:13 Kgosi's new hair-dee-doodle-do. Spot the difference

15:48Iris let's it all hang out!

16:32 Mzamo relieves Kgosi of his 'tree-style' That didn't last long.

16:48 Kgosi is called for his Diary Session. He's not impressed with Iris' behaviour.

16:52 MK in the Diary Room, he's pretty confident he's not leaving today.

17:02 Mzamo tells Biggie he's onto Jase'sSave and Replace.

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