Live Feed: Day 29

kgosiTime Check; 08:00: Did you miss out on Kgosi's eviction, check the details here.

Time Check; 08:30: If you missed out on 'How Africa Voted' see the details here.

Time Check; 09:00: Lola, Thando and Mandla are having a chat about star signs.

Time Check; 09:15: Mandla confides in Thando and Lola that she misses Kgosi already and can feel his absence.

Time Check; 09:20: The 'cat' insinuates that some people are not happy that she's still in the game.

Time Check; 09:55: Mandla, Poolie and Jase are talking about children, seems the trio are thinking of fathering some soon.

Time Check; 10:20: It's that dreaded time for the nomination, each housemate will have to put up two fellow housemates for possible eviction this week.

Time Check; 10:27: In the Diary Room, Sol Nominates Lexi and Lola.

Time Check; 10:38: Mandla goes for Poolie first and argues that he's a threat to his game.

Time Check; 10:50: Biggie warns that he won't tolerate insufficient reasons.

Time Check; 11:30: There's a singing competition in the house and so much talent to spot.

Time Check; 12:30: Mzamo is ready to hit the run-away.

Time Check; 12:35: It's Arena day and HoH Sol is reading out the task brief.

Time Check; 12:55: There will be an individual Immunity Challenge during today's Arena Games. The classic potato-sack race will determine the winners.

Time Check; 13:20: Housemates have little convos as they await to take part in the individual immunity challenge.

Time Check; 13:35: Mandla goes first at the potato sack race , the housemates who finishes in the fastest time possible will be immune from this week's evictions.


Time Check; 13:55: Lexi is told to race again because the clock wasn't functioning well.

 Time Check; 14:00: Lexi takes another shot at the race.

Time Check; 14:06: Lexi and Mzamo win the immunity challenge are therefore safe from this week's possible evictions. Lexi wins with 23.4 seconds while Mzamo wins with 32.8 seconds.

Time Check; 15:20 Judges MK and Thando make their  judgement, MK says Mzamo is more creative than Loko while Judge Thando says she loved the femininity and glamour of Loko's designs. The audience must decide!

Time Check; 15:28 MC Jase announces that Loko has won the BBM Fashion TV 2014 Award. The Housemates were in quite a mood today!

Time Check; 16:00 Thando tells Jase and Poolie that she'd rather have a boyfriend that's not too close to his mother. The guys tell her that it's impossible.

Time Check; 16:30 Housemates start confining to their fellow and close housemates about the fear of nomination as they  get closer.

Time Check; 16:50 Jase opts for a set of pushups outside away from the maddening crowd. Could it be the Nominations anxiety?

Time Check; 17:00 Looks like a make up   in the making, Mandla and Lexi seem to be bonding more today.

Time Check; 17:15 "Are you trying to make me blush?" Lexi asks Mandla as she plays around with her braids. "I'd like to watch you sleep," Mandla tells the blushing Lexi. "So how long are you going to friend-zone me?" Mandla wants to know.

Time Check; 17:58 Back in his shorts, Mandla pounces about the kitchen packing perishables into the cupboard. Comfortable much?

Time Check;17:48 The storeroom has been re-opened, Big Brother's weekly groceries pouring out...though some things seem to been left out.

Time Check; 18:34 With this kind of weather, Kat joins Sol upstairs and cuddles besides him.

Time Check; 18:42 Eeeh! the two are using Jase's bed, this is unfair!

Time Check; 18:48 The Mandlex making theirselves busy comparing body parts and Mandla tells Lexi she wins in the derriere department.

Time Check; 19:08 Jase is out in the garden to blow off some steam.

Time Check; 19:19 Jase takes his suave cool from the garden to the kitchen and busts a move.

Time Check; 19:35 Mhhm looks like they ve made up. Mandla and Lexi are all loved up.

Time Check; 19:50 So claims Biggie has farted when everyone knows its him it. Loko on the other hand names "the perfect farter.  That has a nice pitch".

Time Check; 20:15 In the bedroom, the convo quickly turns to Jase and his childish way. Kat say's she's done.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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