Live Feed: Day 30

bondTime Check; 08:15: Today housemates will be wagering with Big Brother. After loosing theie 100% Wager last week, we wonder whether they will still put everything on line.

Time Check; 09:05: Housemates scramble to have their showers after a sweaty dancing session earlier on.

Time Check; 09:15: Mandla and Sol are too tight this morning, a happy Mandla composes a song for Iris.

Time Check; 10:10: Kat and Sol Sol are sharing a bed, hmmm...

Time Check; 10:50: Mzamo and Sol are cleaning the kitchen as they also discuss about the local music industry.

Time Check; 11:12: Sol goes to the bedroom and wakes everyone up as they have to decide on their wager and they reluctantly go downstairs.

Time Check; 11:17: Housemates wager 100% for this week's dance task.

Time Check; 11:45: Sol reads out the first task brief and it has to do with gum-boot dance.

Time Check; 11:54: Biggie avails housemates with gum-boot dance instructors.

Time Check; 12:10: The gum-boot dance rehearsals are already under-way and housemates look more determined than ever.

Time Check; 13:00: Who's your best dancer?

 Time Check; 13:50: After over two hours of a gum-boot dance session, some housemates are yet to master the art perfectly.

Time Check; 14:13: Mzamo kicks off the day's Diaries and he's asked about his favourite dance, he picks out the late Micheal Jackson.

Time Check; 14:25: Poolie is her 'person' in the House, the other half of her boyfriend outside the House. Huh?

Time Check; 14:50 Jase will be tackling the Kat situation head on when he's ready. Fret not Jase, look at what your fans have to say!

Time Check; 14:58 Kat says she no longer feels comfortable around Loko and Iris, say what?

Time Check; 15:30 Iris tells Biggie she is loving this week's Dance Task, seems the Housemates are better at exercise than creativity.

Time Check; 15:51 HoH Sol in the Diary Room. He naturally ranted... about Jase's two left feet, he said he's surprised the guy is able to walk.

Time Check; 16:15 Lola in the Diary Room, she's not happy with Kat's behaviour, she thinks Jase and Solare being played within an inch of their lives.

Time Check; 16:30 Lexi's turn, he's says Mandla is more human when she's not around Sol.

Time Check; 17:00 Strategy, strategy Mandla! The 'walking torso'tells Biggie that Sol being Head of House plays to his advantage.

Time Check; 17:15 Biggie is keeping itt truly Mzansi the next Dance Task is Pantsula...

Time Check; 17:45 This evening's Pantsula Task and Jase's two left feet.

Time Check; 19:10 Thando gets called into the Diary Room by Biggie. A Secret mission! Thando must choose a partner and steal three sets of costumes for each Dance style and will then be swept away with her accomplice to a Secret location. We'll post more shortly!

Time Check; 20:34 Mandla to play a fake interpreter. He always knows how to crack us up.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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