Live Feed: Day 31

dayTime Check; 08:00: Last night, housemates pulled all sorts of pranks and of course, 'King' Jase was in the driving seat.

Time Check; 08:55: Mandla and Lexi get personal, he calls himself his foot manager among other things.

Time Check; 08:00: Poolie sleeps with Lola but with their eyes wide open.

 Time Check; 09:05: Sol and Mandla check on the mysterious housemates in the bath tub, it seems he/she spent the night there.

Time Check; 09:15: Thando and Mzamo talk about beauty and weight.

Time Check; 09:25: Mzamo and Thando talk about Mandla being the only housemate with clean laundry, but he actually hardly ever has any clothes on.

Time Check; 09:36: Thando and Mzamo talk about laziness in the house while Thando tries to make her bed.

Time Check; 09:45: Housemates talk about the housemate who's more like to make Biggie laugh because they seem anxious to hear him get cracked up.

Time Check; 09:45: Big Brother plays a song and Sol starts dancing.

Time Check; 10:10: Thando and Mamo bisect Beyonce's life, they also talk about parenting and abortion.

Time Check; 10:30: Mamo talks music and how much he'd love to record as much of it as possible.

Time Check; 10:35: When Kat tells Sol and Mandla that she's been in a situation where she broke the law, Sol insisted that she add the title of heart breaker to that list. It seems Sol is sending her subliminal messages about her approach to relationships and being the side dish.

Time Check; 10:50: After so many conversations, Mzamo and Thando head to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. Later they return to the bedroom only to find everyone sleeping.

Time Check; 11:00: Kat and Sol disappear under the covers and some funny sounds can be heard coming from underneath the covers.

Time Check; 11:30: Mzamo shares with Thando that life is a journey which requires one to be true to themselves with or without a partner.

Time Check; 11:40: Thando feels something is not right and she puts the blame on the boys.

Time Check; 11:55: Thando gets back at her secret task.

Time Check; 12:30: The Sophiatown Dance in the House! The Lucani Dance Group are taking the Housemates through the colourful dance style.

Time Check; 13:45: It's time for the Diary sessions. Mandla talks about the pranking that is going on in the house, Vinegar in drinks and food seems to be his favorite.

Time Check; 14:45 Lola, the punch, bump the liquor not loose the liquor! Boom, punch, meet floor.

Time Check; 14:54 Lexi confides in Biggie about chocolate cake being her comfort food. She also doesn't see how Mandla could be caught in the middle of her and Sol's rivalry.

Time Check; 14:58 Sol of the House enters his infamous Diary Session. He immediately asks Biggie to bring back the Secret Island of Paradise.

Time Check; 15:15 Sol, you never disappoint. Kit-Kat for a midnight snack and Poolies of people in the House. 'Sol-isms'- love em!

Time Check; 15:55 It's Lexi's birthday on Saturday, she tells the House she want a big 'ol stripper as her birthday present. Will Biggie make her dreams come true?

Time Check; 16:10 Loko tells Biggie about her and Thando's SecretMissions... Mwahahah

Time Check; 16:50 It's hip hop time yo! This evening's Task Housemates will get down to some New York style dance. Expert instructor on the way.

Time Check; 17:20 Did you do the Loko and Jase pop quiz? How well do you really know your Housemates?

Time Check; 17:42 The Housemates all break it down and practice their poppin' and lockin' with their resident hip hop dance instructor. Loko givesJase a helping hand during the lesson.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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