Mandla Safe, Thando On The Chopping Block

SolSavesMonday is here and no need to ask it is nomnation day. As the Housemates gathered around the dinner table for a scrumptious dinner prepared by Lola, little did they know that the tally was neatly getting getting done to roll out of the week that was in the Monday night Nominations show.

Took not too long until when it was time for the Head Of House Sol to make his big decission of who to save and who to ditch.

A few moments later, Big Brother announced names of the nominated Housemates in no particular order:

Head of House Sol was then summoned into the Diary Room to make his Decision of ‘save and replace’, and just when you thought you could see his mouth formed in the shape of a Kat the word ‘Mandla’ rolled seamlessly off his tongue. The gregarious Mandla was safe to see another brighter day in the House thanks to Sol.

At the end of the session Thando was put up to the stakes. Oblivious to the fact that she was facing an imminent walk of shame she advised nominees Jase and Lola to just have fun this week.

Could the mutual love-hate flirtation between Thando and Sol have tipped the point of hate? Many might even feel that this was the beginning of king Sol’s strategy to banish the queen from his land this week.

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  1. kat, you exposed your bad side for nothing...shame, what a humiliation.