Mzansi Secrets: A Secret Thief In The House

secret-thiefBiggie always has something for everyone. What else could it be, if it's none either than a Secret Mission?

Well We all do remember the Secret Paradise Mission that Biggie had for Sol and Kgosi, that surely had some benefits for the pair and we did admit that it was on another level.

This evening, Biggie asked Thando d to appear in the Diary Room. It being kinda unusual, she felt a bit uncomfortable and also felt like bad new was on its way.She then softly asked Biggie to not deliver any bad news to her if that was the case.

After greetings, Biggie went straight to business and immediately asked Thando if 'she could keep a Secret?'. Relieved Thando immediately giggled; at least what she heard wasn't tragedy to her ears.

Biggie then gave her a Secret Mission which will involve stealing three sets of costumes for each Dance Styles that they are learning this week. To kick off with the Mission, Thando had to choose a partner in crime, whom she trusts and must make sure that they both don't get caught for their mischievous acts.

Thando then picked her Secret Task partner, at first she wanted to pick Lola, but then felt that people in the House would easily suspect that they are both up to something since they are close friends. She also said "Lola would be a give-away and fellow Housemates would definitely find out that something is smelling in no time".

So she strategically figured that Loko would make a great partner in crime instead. Biggie also supported her choice and said Loko is perfectly dedicated to the Dance Task and that would in fact puzzle the Housemates.

All this will have to be done during the time when the Housemates are sleeping. Starting tonight, but Thando has to inform her partner about the Mission and knowing Loko, she will probably be excited; That's if she agrees to be partners first.

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