Nominations: Lexi, Mandla & Jase Lead the Pack

mandlexIn the early afternoon, housemates took part in the first nominations of this season of Big Brother Mzansi: Secrets and trust we, it was such a heart breaking session because surprisingly, Biggie leaked whatever was going on in the Diary room to the other housemates through his monster speakers. So in this case everyone had the opportunity to know who nominated them and why.

As expected, some of the nominations were obvious; Kat went for Lola and Thando because they are gossip queens and their attitudes don't impress her a bit.

HoH Sol went for Lexi because of her attitude which he thinks doesn't add value to the house.

Well, here is a break down of the nominations...

Sol: Lexi and Lola
Lola: Kat and Mandla
Mandla: Poolie and Lola
Kat: Lola and Thando
MK: Jase and Lexi
Thando: Kat and Mandla
Poolie: Mandla and Kat
Iris: Lexi and Jase
Mzamo: Lexi and Jase
Lexi: Jase and Mzamo
Jase: Mandla and MK
Loko: MK and Lexi

What's your opinion on today's nominations?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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