Sol Pulls Off Another Prank

pranThis morning the house started off on a slow note because most of the Housemates were still in slumber by 9 but a few minutes past 9, Kat and Sol rose up while the rest of the gang stayed in slumber.

But it surely seems some of these housemates never learn or should we say they can't be moved by others complaints? After waking, while Kat busied herself in the kitchen making breakfast, her partner in crime Sol decided to pull off another prank, yes you heard right, another P.R.A.N.K!

He put some tomato sauce on a tampon and stuck it in the toilet! Hmmm...Lola won't like this a bit, this time around we hardly know how she'll react.

It now seems that this whole prank thing is gong to far, what do you think?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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  1. housemates wanna get drunk biggy bump sum african beer isqo!!!