Sol Saved Mandla for Strategic Reasons

lolaAt this point in the game, it's very wise for whoever is the Sheriff to mind about how they use that position, notably, try and win the favour, affection and loyalty of housemates but most importantly 'save and replace' 'strategically' because at the end of the day, the one you save can have your back later on when it matters the most but it's no guarantee as we've seen things happen differently.

Well, prior to making his way to the Diary room for his 'save and replace' session, HoH Sol had some good time in his bed courtesy of the strategic Kat. The lass jumped into his bed probably sending a message across that he should consider her while making that very vital decision, however, Sol seems to have already made up  his mind as he saved Mandla instead and replaced him with Thando.

Sol decided to save Mandla because he thinks he's a strong contender and may be of much help to him in the near future than probably Thando or Lola. He actually shared with Biggie that he wished he had the chance of saving two people, a clear indication that he's having an insight into the future as far as Mzansi Secrets is concerned.

Meanwhile, after Lola's name came up, she stormed the garden probably pondering the next move and figuring out how to cope with the eviction pressure. She confided in Thando, Jase and Poolie that she can't be a wh*re just for the money, something that had to do with Kat's behaviour earlier on with Sol in bed.

Poolie also sided with Lola and said that Kat thinks she's safe, stressing that everyone is in for a surprise come Sunday.

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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