The game is really on

sol show meThe Big Brother Mzansi game gets more complex as the days tick by and as the weeks roll by, that grand prize comes more closely into play.

Actually during this peiod, people’s personalities change and game plans turn into covert operations.
The people we once thought these individuals to be will slowly (or not so slowly) start to melt away and reveal the competitive soul inside.

There has already been the clash of egos and the respective cliques that have been forming in the House since its proverbial salad days but now is the time the knives come out and the only question will be; who will be stabbed in the back today?

The fact that former lovebirds Kat and Jase as well as Biggie’s ‘twins’ Lola and Thando up for nomination this week, will we be seeing a change in behavior? After all, everyone is playing a game with a grand prize of one million Rand.

It was a while ago by Kat said that she would even have sex in the House if it came down to it. Here’s her initial interview video if you need a refresher.

We can already see a shift in the social dynamic when it comes to people pleaser Loko, who is now spending time with Kat’s sworn enemies Thando and Lola, which was never the case until she started getting close to Poolie. Oh, affections are so fickle these days.

Big Brother Mzansi is all about ‘Secrets’ but there was very little Secrecy surrounding yesterday’s Nominations, Biggie leaked (on purpose by mistake) all the Housemates’ first Nomination via loud speaker, obviously allowing the entire House to hear what others thought of the said Nominated and therefore tighten the knot of tension within.

The truth is every social interaction, relationship and alliance can be questioned, the lines are heavily blurred between what is real and what is just part of the strategy, it’s starting to resemble a mass existential crisis.

This is a key turning point in the game and we need to get ready for the drama that will ensue, it is amazing how people’s characters change when money is involved. Desperation and anxiety become the order of the day and as we all know, people do crazy things when they’re desperate.

Things are already slightly askew with seemingly close friends Lexi and Mzamo both Nominating each other and Kat nominating her bestie’s man Poolie. Everything is not as it seems when it comes to ‘friendship’ in the Big Brother Mzansi House, no wonder there has been no shortage of paranoia going around.

Even the infamous Sexy Lexi seems to have completely turned herself around, agreeing with others, joining in on group activities and even cracking a smile! Is all hell going to freeze over? Where’s the prickly Lexi we have come to know and love?

Words of advice for Jase… young man you are a babe in the woods, a gentle lamb with bright eyes, wake up! You’re going to have to channel a strategic streak if you want your mitts on the money!

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