The 'Kat' Is Strategic

spaAt the moment, we can probably say that Kat is more popular among the men of the house than any of the ladies going by the way she's carrying herself.

First she flirts with Jase who thinks she's genuinely into him but trust the Kat, she's quick to flirt with Sol, Mandla or whoever wins the HoH task. Whether she's being herself or just playing with these poor guys' feelings is definitely a topic for another day but one thing for sure, Kat seems to be the top gamer at the moment.

Win the HoH and be sure that Kat will be closer to you than your own heart. She's also been lucky in a way because it's only the boys who have been winning and one wonders how she'll behave if a lady finally scoops it.

Meanwhile, Jase was given the privilege to have a spa treat with any other housemate of his choice, he chose Kat and this rubbed up the other ladies the wrong way because they could heard whispering about Jase's choice.

What do you think of the Kat's character, is it strategic or part of the game?

-By-Bigg Mzansi

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