The Mark Of Friendships In The House

milkLovely, isn't it? Making new friends far more better having freindship formations. Well with all the friend zones already marked in the House, we all got to admit the fact that we’ve reached that mark with the friendships in the House.

Friendships a too mean to describe whats going on and gangs is the most operative word.On one side we have; Mandla, Iris, Loko and Kat forming the gang, MILK because this quartet are ruling the social media streets with their various #teams erected at each corner.

As the love for the gregarious Mandla might prevail it would sure come out tested by the almond-eyed Loko’s team playing ways and her physical and mental agility when it came to Tasks. This Dance Week she’s proved to be the strongest amongst the ladies.

As the game unraveled itself to the Housemates what would happen if gang MILK came up for nomination and all faced Eviction? How would #TeamMILK out on Twitter vote?

Is #TeamKat to ditch the object of their affection and join the more poppular camp of #TeamIris for her wholesome and chuckle-a-minute appeal. Kat might just give her fellow gang members are run for their money because this gorgeous gal, while a gigantic flirt, she’s considered by many as many in one turning it out in the kitchen, the Arena and in other places.

We have reason to believe that times in the House are becoming harder and more fickle by the day. Would the infamous gang turn in on itself as most gangs do?

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