Things Are Getting Personal

diaryHousemates aired out their hear-felt feelings today during the day's diary session. The views mainly revolved around Jase and his dilemma with Kat and how this has affected a lot of people.

There was no surprise when we saw Sol not affected by the whole Kat and Jase situation, he couldn't stop laughing out loud as he found all this so humourous.

Poolie admitted that he was nolonger having his best days lately and that the pantsula dance just made it even worse since he could not dance.

Such torture! Knowing Jase when in a good spirit, he would have been planning another prank. Now who will make him feel better? We definitely know Kat won't.

Though that is the situation at hand, Housemates feel that the dance Task is going to lift up their spirits and they are duely confident enough that they are going to do well on Thursday evening. However, HoH Sol is thrown off by the thought that they Wagered 100 percent instead of 75 percent.

The Head Of House seems to be having doubts about his team something that we all can understand keeping in mind their Wager loss of 100 percent last week. That was hard to take in and just enough to make one feel paranoid in all aspects.

Housemates could not hide that yesterday's Nominations made them realise even more that the game is getting more serious and personal and ego's are clashing.

Mzamo feels that people are sensitive and that no one wants to step up and face up to anyone. This could mean that there is too much pretense in the House. Maybe Mzamo can teach them one or two things, since he is straight up, we guess.

Kat couldn't stop talking about how she poses as a threat to all the girls in the House. She says all the guys in the House have been showering her with compliments, so she considered herself to be 'every woman'. We wonder if her confidence will get her enough votes from the viewers.
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  1. Im looking forward to the dance Loko looks so excited

  2. you were 'every woman' before you started with your stupid game.