What you missed this week

are youDid anybody see Mandla perched on the stairs in the early hours of the morning? After a long, pensive moment tears could be seen tumbling down his face. The man who carried the whole world on his shoulders seemed in striking contrast to the jolly fellow we'd come to know.

This week was Pirate week and it appeared the Housemates took the theme much too literaland a lot less imaginatively when misbehavior made its way into everyday life instead. Although their theatrical piece reeked of a Pirates paradise Big Brother was less than impressed with their teamwork and their wager took a dive.

But Biggie is a Biggie of second chances and he offered the Housemates an opportunity to win their lost wager back during the Friday Night Game ‘rate yourselves’ and all was well.

A fed up Lola threatened to leave the Big Brother House after being the butt of one too many practical jokes. The sensitive lass lashed out and unleashed the no-nonsense diva in her. In another rather emotional Diary Session she confessed that she wasn’t coping under all pressure of playing the game. She feared that her threshold for all the underhandedness and pranking was fast diminishing and she was suffering an unsettling bout of panic attacks because of it.

All it took was Big Brother consoling her and suggesting that she sleep on it for Lola to come back to her senses. We will never know if it was all raging hormones or a strategy but Lola was not going anywhere anytime soon.

Then there was more pranking, as if to further test a prickly Lola. Sol and Jase were often behind it but all the stealing of personal belongings, hiding of booze and wasting of chocolate spiraled out of control. The Housemates had to put their feet down because clearly there was an agitator and a thief in their midst. Something had to be done about it.

Some midweek madness was unfurled onto the Sol and Kgosi with the other Housemates looking on. The lucky pair were whisked off to a Secret Island of Paradise. Big Brother fished a mermaid and her maidens straight out of the Indian ocean to cater hand and foot to Sol andKgosi.

When paradise came to an end, as it does, the two fumbled about the House in a goofy effort to erase all traces of the early morning get away.

As the boys descended into Big Brother’s make shift salon under the trees they were afforded a moment of grooming and perhaps another one to reflect on the day ahead. After the week they’ve had, some pampering and head stroking was just what the doctor ordered.

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