Back to school with 100% Wager ambition

schooGoing back in time it is as Housemates will be enrolling in school after all the holidays are over. That's the spirit currently in Biggie's space and uniforms, school bags and all are the order of the day. This comes after the very ambitious students decided to wager 100% for this week's luxuries.

This week housemates were required to wear Biggie’s school uniform at all times. In addition, everyone had to serve and eat their lunch meals in the lunchboxes provided. Drinks had to be poured into the juice bottle and squeezers supplied.

Since it's school time, students were advised not to drink any alcoholic drinks as this would be their whole 100& Wager in great danger.

This week’s task would be centred around the class room, the change rooms, the library, the tuckshop and the playground. The idea was to experience the school yard.

Do think the bunch has what it takes to nail this rather simple task?

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