Biggie will always surprise us

apllIf there was a master puppeteer, Biggie would be that guy. He was not holding back on the twist; twists that no one saw coming. Who would have thought that Biggie would dangle such an expensive carrot in poor Ex and Lebo’s faces? Giving them such a difficult decison to make! As if that wasn’t enough, the couple, who’d decided to sit on their new fortune, had left the game and the house for good.

So much for fake evictions!

The housemates witnessed the whole moment as they watched from inside the house. They looked on with bewilderment as a teary-eyed Ex told Lungile that he was going to take the money to help Lebo, who, it turns out, came for a tough background.

Either way there was a hearty round of applause for the couple who’d made off with money, leaving all the toiling and double crossing of the great game behind.

With only nine pairs left the game was now on its course. Nominations – no longer fake – were taking place. We’re sure some couldn’t believe it while others secretly wished they could have been so lucky.

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