Going back in time

chit'Permanent' resident and care-free man Sibu is one housemate who loves his life and makes sure to spend every bit of free time to the fullest. While some housemates are deciding to take it slow on the first Saturday in Biggie's space and probably reminiscing about yesterday's infamous night games, he opted to gather some housemates; Lebo, Ex, Blue and Soxx and the gang had a long chit-chat that went on and on.

Sibu talked about high school days, how Nollywood is over-rated and all. Mbali on the other hand ''bragged' about how good she was as a prefect.

Huddled over the couches in the garden, housemates shared experiences and debated everything under the sun. Speaking at a mile-a-minute and clad in nothing but his board shorts and jewellery Sibu steered conversation in every which direction. Nothing was off-limits with this bunch.

With the conversation hitting it's climax, cigar-addict Soxx, took some 'precious' time off to ask Biggie for some smokes.

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