Gone but not forgotten

remWith Lebo and Ex being the first partners/couple to bow out of the game, some housemates naturally reminisce about the pair both together and as individuals.

Having spent just a few days in the house, the couple was tasked with the HoH duties something that came with it lots of drama and tension with fellow housemates. Ex was quite the fire-cracker, some might even call him a jerk but he wasn’t too hardened to shed a tear. Take one for the team he did during last night’s live show when he agreed to take Biggie’s offer of a R100,000.

After putting the nominations away, some housemates got into chit-chat about the fallen soldiers.

Last night’s Shap Shap party was a riot but who could forget Lebo’s wiggly-wig moment. Her sizzle and swag went all pear shape when her hairpiece came tumbling down. After laughing up a right storm at least housemates were there to give her moral support. Today they just had to laugh about it.

Tembi was a of the view that Lebo was a strong-hearted girl basing on the fact that her relationship with partner Ec wasn't the best but she still managed to pull through. Ex had also charmed the pants of Tiffini who admitted he was her type. The only problem was that he wanted both her and Bexx. With her and Bexx at his sides he announced that he was a polygamist.

In as much as it was widely regarded as a fake eviction, Ex and Lebo got the nods for being brave enough to accept the cash than stay in the game where there's no guarantee of winning the grand prize.

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