HoH: The reign of K2 & Blue

k2bluePartners K2 and Blue are the latest Sheriffs in the house thanks to their top performance in the final HoH challenge. With the help of their team which included, Mbali & Chelsea, Tembi & Adams and Gino & Tiffini, they won access to the Conspiracy Booth for themselves and the team.

The win and its privileges came at the perfect time for some of the pairs as mistrust and anxiety grows amongst the housemates.

As it stands K2 and Blue are the most powerful couple in the house and their first order of business as Heads of House was including Ace and Ntombi in their winning team, thus giving the soulmates Conspiracy Booth privileges as well. Ace and Ntombi had sat out the earlier challenge as they weren’t picked by either team.

K2 and Blue follow in the footsteps of Ex and Lebo who were last week's captains, how do think K2 and Blue will fair this week?

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