It's the HoH Challenge

hohhWith a new week upon us, the Head of House title was once again up for grabs and this time the housemates couldn’t afford to not win it. With the stakes higher, Biggie raised the ante by setting up a two round challenge for the housemates

The first round consisted of a word building station setup in the arena. Each couple was required to compete in a scrabble like game where points were awarded for creating the longest English word in 60 seconds.

The task proved insurmountable for some with Ace and Ntombi failing to score a single word when they created ‘Xenoniba’. Mbali and Chelsea on the other hand, alongside Kay and Pumba, flexed their linguistic muscle when they created ‘Xylophone’ and ‘Complexity’ but the victors of the first round were the already immune Blue and K2 who spelt ‘Earthquakes’.

Advancing to the second round, Kay and Pumba will now take on Blue and K2 to see who will be crowned Head of House for week 2.

Who will get this one?

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