Live Show: Lebo & Ex choose cash over the game!

cashIt's official, after only six days in the Big Brother Mzansi house, Ex and Lebo are out of the game. After a spate of both good and bad luck for the pair during their short stay in the house, Biggie gave them an offer they couldn't resist during the live show.

As fate would have it, Ex answered the red telephone and Biggie ordered him to exit the house with Lebo in tow. Once on stage, the pair was given an ultimatum - it was either they take R100 000.00 and exit the game or they reject it and stay in the running for the ultimate R2 Million prize. After much dilly dallying, the two couldn't reach a consensus.

While Lebo wanted to take the money and run, Ex was more eager to continue with playing the game. "You've gained enough exposure to go on with your Rap career and this is enough to set you up," Lebo reasoned with her partner.

Meanwhile, Ex wasn't convinced but suddenly shed a few tears and nodded; "I'll do it for her". After composing himself, he told Lungile that he was taking the money for Lebo's sake because of her hard background.

This came as a surprise from someone who has displayed selfish tactics in the week Mzansi has known him. Be reminded that during the Friday Night Games when the housemates were offered a chance to swap their partners, Ex had said he didn't want to be paired with Lebo. Distraught yet firm with Ex's attempt to ditch her, Lebo stood by and for her partner, who had earlier won them HoH by answering the same fateful red phone a few days earlier.

Well, it would seem Lebo's luck was really wearing out as she found herself picking up her wig from the Shap Shap Party Zone during the Saturday night party after she danced it off.

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