Nominations off!

NOMGEARAll was not over after last night's individual nomination sessions that preceded the nerve cracking Live Show that claimed Ex and Lebo as housemates in their pairs/couples went into the Diary room for yet other nomination sessions.

After gunning immunity during Friday's games, K2 and Blue were the lucky souls this week as they had their names kept safe from the daggers but the rest of the bunch had to go through the infamous task.

Here’s how the couples nominated and their reasons:

Sibu & Matthias: Gino and Tiffini - “They don’t fit in and Gino seems to have lost the plot.”

Adams & Tembi: Gino and Tiffini - “Gino reacts too quickly, even with the small things!”

Bongi & Khali: Chelsea and Mbali - “They’re only strength is that they’re pretty…”

Chelsea & Mbali: Gino and Tiffini - “Gino has been starting a lot of stuff lately, especially when he’s drunk.”

Ntombi & Ace: Soxx and Bexx - “We don’t seem trust worthy.”

Gino & Tiffini: Adams and Tembi - “Adams isn’t genuine and Tembi is rude!”

Blue & K2: Sibu and Matthias - “Both of them have been trying to break up our partnership.”

Soxx & Bexx: Chelsea and Mbali - “Mbali remains the biggest threat and Chelsea is self-indulgent.”

Pumba & Kay: Sibu & Matthias - “They promised things will happen if they got nominated, so lets see what those things are…”

With the nominations complete, this then means the following housemates may be up for nomination this week:

Gino & Tiffini, Sibu & Matthias, Chelsea & Mbali.

Meanwhile, this isn't the final verdict as the incoming HoH will have the power to save one of these couples so look out for the final nomination list.

Who do fancy going up this week?

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