Nominations: Sibu & Matthias lead

nomsThe show must go on and with one couple out of the game it was time for us to get on with the real nominations. It also seemed that the more things changed the more, sadly, they stayed the same.

Crafty pair Sibu and Matthias were on top of the list followed closely by regulars Gino and Tiffini. The general consensus remained that the siblings weren’t a genuine team and Sibu and Matthias were obnoxious, chaotic and unpredictable.

Blue and K2 were lucky enough to have won immunity during Friday Night games so they were off limits.

Here’s who voted for who and why;

Bexx: Sibu and Matthias; She found Sibu much too rude for her liking.

Soxx: Mbali and Chelsea; While he reckoned Chelsea was superficial and self-centred he saw, more importantly, that Mbali was a threat.

Chelsea: Tiffini and Gino; According to Chelsea, Gino wasn’t fitting into the group and was adding no value. She also picked up that Tiffini was much too emotional to handle the game.

Mbali: Kay and Pumba; Mbali learned that Pumba was somewhat volatile and tended towards disruptive outbursts. This made her uncomfortable.

Bongi: Matthias and Sibu; Bongi was uncomfortable with the pair because they were both unpredictable. They were prone to feed chaos into the house only to disappear in the background watching it all unfold.

Khali: Tiffini and Gino; Gino simple got under the girl’s skin.

Pumba: Ntombi and Ace; Pumba reasoned that he knew this couple the least and he wasn’t likely to pay attention to Ntombi so she was better off gone.

Kay: Sibu and Matthias; In another one of his ramblings Sibu had threatened that were he to be nominated chaos would erupt. Kay was curious to see him practice what he preached here.

Tembi: Tiffini and Gino; It was simple for Tembi, the siblings made a bad team. Gino’s attention seeking was in horrible taste while Tiffini admitted she didn’t want to be in the same team as her own brother.

Adams: Tiffini and Gino; His reason was that Tiffini was always on the brink of an emotional breakdown and often acted out because of it.

K2: Sibu and Matthias; K2 saw right through this crafty pair. After having butt heads many times with Matthias K2 was sceptic about his sudden friendliness towards him. It was all phony for him so these boys had to go.

Blue: Matthias and Sibu; Blue thought Sibu was selfish and foul-mouthed while Matthias was phony and would probably use his street-smarts to make some housemates look bad.

Gino: Kay and Pumba; Gino had a fall-out with Pumba and so things were awkward and tense between them. He didn’t want to walk around egg-shells around the hot-tempered bloke.

Tiffini: Adams and Tembi; Tiffini was bumping heads with Adams and reckoned Tembi was too harsh when she handed out her tough-love advise last night.

Ace: Pumba and Kay; Ace felt there was something fishy about the couple. He also wasn’t impressed with how Pumba never spoke his mother tongue.

Ntombi: Sibu and Matthias; Ntombi felt that Sibu instigated a lot of trouble.

Matthias: Gino and Tiffini; Gino also succeeded in making Matthias uncomfortable.

Sibu: Gino and Tiffini; Sibu echoed the general feeling about Gino; he was something of a nutcase.

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