The best artist

artAfter getting themselves acquainted with their latest characters; students, housemates were now required to put their artistic skills at play using liquorice and all sorts of colourful sweets. The couples were required to work together to create a mosaic of another pair.

As students, pairs had to identify something special in the pair that they were allocated and express in a unique candy-coated portraits. Housemates were to get cracking with their tasks after the Head of House pair K2 and Blue assigned them their pairs.

Sweet and tobacco addict Chelsea it seems was having herself a hard time crafting with the sweets as she munch and gobbled away at them. We hope her and Mbali’s portrait doesn’t suffer because of it.

While Ace and Ntombi displayed the most endearing teamwork Bexx and Soxx could be seen on the other side of the garden indulging in a siesta.

Meanwhile, of all the housemates; call them students, Gino seems to be one of those putting his best foot forward.

Who or which pair do you think will come out tops?

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