There's always a brand new day

mornHe may have had a long day yesterday during the Friday Night Games coupled with feelings of rejection from the likes of partner Lebo and bestie Pumba but today was a nother brand new day as Ex woke up early as usual and took the initiative of waking others.

After a while, Ex joined Mbali for a cup of coffee and a one on one as a few other housemates continued sleeping.

While at it with Mbali, Ex spilled all filling her (Mbali) in that his partner and fellow HoH Lebo was not carrying her weight as a partner and as a HoH.

But Mbali, who’d declined his offer to pair up, pointed out that he’d handled the whole situation in a rather harsh way. His announcement may have seemed much too severe and even cruel to others. If he was able to throw his partner under the bus in such a brazen manner how could he be trusted?

He admitted to being a little hard on Lebo who’d explained to him that she too picked up on areas where he was slacking but preferred to remain decent about it and give him the benefit of the doubt. He was also worried about his prospects in the game after last night.

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