5 pairs remaining, where are you putting the money?

outWith Bongi and Khali becoming the fifth pair to bow out of the game following in the foot-steps of Gino-Tiffini, Lebo-Ex-, Bexx-Adams (never came in as a pair but were both showed the exit door for reasons we all well know), Sibu-Matthias, it's becoming a tough race and thing can only get interesting. Mzansi should watch out!

Five very competitive pairs still remain in the run for the ultimate Mzansi prize, these are; the much sought after all girl pair; Mbali-Chelsea, the talented couple; Ace-Ntombi, Pumba-Kay, Soxx-Tembi and K2-Blue.

The next last three weeks of the show are bound to showcase the housemates' real characters as they vie to get ever closer to the finale.

Which pair are you putting your money on?

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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