A drink will always bound us together

drinkWhat a night! The house was abuzz with the sound of the housemates getting themselves ready for their glamorous Matric dinner. Primping and preening themselves, making sure that not a hair was out of place and the eyeliner and lipstick was all in place.

The women of the house were so stunning to the point that the men had to prove their worth to get near them. All the cat fights were forgotten in one night. Matthias said: "I feel that a lot of us are going to stick together." Hmmm, not so long ago, the same man was scheming with K2 against "some lady in the hood but that seems to have been put behind them.

Bongi was full of praise for Tiffini saying that she has "very creative ideas." The love-fest continued far into the night with drinks flowing and the compliments coming thick and fast. After such a long and arduos week, the housemates appeared to appreciate the chance to enjoy each others company rather than the constant scheming and bickering.

How long will this last, who will pair up and take the night to the next level? New lovebirds K2 and Blue were very attentive to each other. Friends new and old all bringing a temporary peace to the house as they all concentrated on the good aspects of each others company.

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