Adams & Tembi rekindle their love

hammIt seemed as if exes; Adams and Tembi would pull out each others throats yesterday after they had a very ugly fight that ended with Tembi crying her eyes out in the bathroom. After that fight, it was thought that perhaps the pair would from then on be playing the game as individuals.

However, as fate would have it, the two seem to have buried the hatchet and forgotten all about the cat-fight after they got some time alone and cosied up on the hammock. The two shared lots of news as if they'd taken ages without seeing each other. Adams opened up to Tembi telling her that he felt Ace was so annoying. She however patted him on the back telling him in hashed tones not to go far and take it easy.

The reconciliation went on for some time as it was actually shifted to the bedroom - away from the prying eyes of other housemates. The exes lay on bed and cuddled.

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