All in the name of fun

funAll you need to do is provide a little alcohol and trust these housemates, they'll spill all you want about themselves and others.

Well after dinner, the girls crew including; Tembi, Khali, Blue and Mbali all armed with glasses shared their initial impressions of other housemates. Tembi, Khali and Blue agreed that they thought Tembi was cute on the outside but a gold-digger in the inside. While they thought Blue always took herself to be superior, Khali was taken for a quiet soul, something she actually isn't.

Tembi shared that when it came down to Ntombi, she always seemed to want recognition and respect. Tembi also seemed to man the whole conversation and actually thanked other girls for tolerating her questioning.

Good enough, all was done in good faith and for fun's sake, hopefully no one takes such serious.

It's very interesting to see that housemates have now gotten into others personalities and now know who they live with.


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