'Legusha' all the way

gallopSince this week is 'School week', Biggie seems to be having all kinds of activities lined up for the school children/housemates after he introduced the game of Legusha, a popular local game in South Africa.

Though initially not certain of what was expected of them, the schoolmates liked the prospects of playing around in their Big Brother school uniform.

Kay came to everyone's rescue as she detailed how the game is played in both Zulu and English. At first it was boys against girls and the girls showed them a clean pair of heels.

Mbali, Kay and Khali were the best players, tackling even the highest part of the session while guys like Sibu, Mattias and K2 weren't too shabby either. In most parts of Mzansi, Legusha is also known as Magalopho a word borrowed from the English "gallop" because of its nature.

Meanwhile, Biggie cautioned that they had to be serious at the game because it would affect their 100% Wager.

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