Ballroom dance to highlight tonight's presentations

dancTonight, the task presentations are on and the highlight of the affair will be a ballroom dance - to keep in-tune with the "Balls Week". Housemates therefore got sometime to warm up for the fast approaching presentations in the living room.

Just after Sheriff Kay had read out the task brief, Biggie's much needed dance instructors walked in much to the applause and excitement of the ranch residents.

The instructors will be in the house for at least one and half hours and will take housemates through Foxx Trot and the Waltz coupled with trying to perfect their steps.

The housemates were at the privilege of picking a performance track and will therefore need to be on top of their game if they are to claim the 100% wager.

Do you see the 'hungry' bunch putting behind the 'Liquid diet' and finally winning this wager?

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