Biggie's 'April Fools Day' surprise

foolsBiggie also has pranks up his sleeve and classmates were the butt of his April Fools practical joke yesterday afternoon. With housemates always on the lookout for a way to get one-up on the others Biggie knew this was the perfect prank to get them hot and bothered, with egg on the face but of course, it was all in the name of fun.

While they were labouring away at their Morabaraba board game in the garden Biggie called them to attention. They were instructed to find two silver coins hidden somewhere in the garden. The classmates who found the coins and held them to their foreheads would be rewarded by Biggie himself.

As Sure as the night falls, housemates scattered every which way, diving inside flower beds and scrambling for silver. While Kay suspected it was all an April Fools hoax the rest were much too hungry for the reward to even stop and smell the roses.

After a couple of false alarms from Ace and Khali, Bexx was first to emerge with a silver coin. She stuck to her forehead and shimmied about all chuffed with herself.

Pumba scooped up the next coin and held it to his head in anticipation. Biggie congratulated them and told them their reward was waiting for them in the store room.

They both hoped that booze would be the reward as they hurried to the store room. But what they found was a booby prize that came with cupcakes. They never saw that one coming!

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