Biggie a proud parent as students graduate

gradAfter the graduation ceremony, Biggie summoned graduates to grab a sit, poor students looked so nervous because their fate was at stake.  Biggie reminded them about the artwork project they were given and some artwork that were half-hearted.

This week he also asked housemates to participate in a game of Legusha and some housemates showed interest and a striking effort. When a Student Leadership Council was appointed, Biggie felt that only the Head Boy, Head Girl and one prefect were committed to their duties around the clock and that did not reflect a hundred percent dedicated Student Leadership for a hundred percent wager.

According to Big Brother, although housemates did poorly for their 100% wager, he felt that they were consistent with their back to back school theme and managed to create memorable moments.  He believed that, tonight’s school anthem and plays were show stoppers.

When Biggie announced, “Congratulations housemates, you have won your hundred percent wager”. Housemates were so emotional and even apologized to each other for tantrums thrown before the presentation.

Biggie must be a proud 'parent'!

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