Biggie to ration Alcohol

strikeFollowing the strikes to K2, Adams and Ace, Biggie came out roaring like a lion and made a decision to start alcohol rationing until the housemates get their minds in shape and start being a little more responsible.

All this came as a result of the trio being disrespectful towards Bexx and unfortunately, since the game is played in pairs, it means that game partners to K2, Adams and Ace also received strikes, these are; Tembi, Blue and Ntombi. Should any of these six housemates receive two more strikes, they will automatically be evicted from the Big Brother house.

Meanwhile, we all know that alcohol is a darling to most if not all housemates and now that Biggie has decided to reduce it's supply, it seems this may in a way create rivalry and hatred for Adams, K2 and Ace since they are the primary reason as to why the big man settled for alcohol rationing.

How do you foresee this week coming along?

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