Chelsea branded a 'brat', she cries

cry'Go back to school' week is indeed doing it's best to get the better of these poor housemates as they are not doing any alcoholic drinks this week, also some egos have been dealt a serious blow.

The anxiety seems to be setting in after youngest housemate; Chelsea was reduced to tears thanks to Sibu's picking ways.

Sibu pulled a "you're such a brat," to an unsuspecting Chelsea as she was getting her hair braided by Ntombi. Ntombi seemed to confuse the meaning, firstly agreeing with Sibu and later picking up that Chelsea didn't like the label. Sibu insisted, adding that Chelsea never says "please".

"You just can't accept that I'm straightforward," Chelsea defended herself. She added that if she was a brat then she'd be nominated, which was a low blow to the nominated Sibu.

However, he wouldn't take that blow lying down. "It's because you're not a threat," he said. At that point, Ntombi seemed to be feeling bad that the issue had spiraled out of proportion as Chelsea was spitting fire and Sibu was not backing down.

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