Chelsea & her gossip 'sent packing'

gossMost if not all housemates look at the HoH crown as security for staying longer in the game little do they know that it comes with it lots of responsibilities and having to bear with negativity, or probably they know it all but just decide to ignore.

Well, Chelsea is the latest victim after she suffered the wrath of what being a HoH means, it all started when Blue approached her and told her that she was under-performing as a captain, this got Chelsea moody and she decided to approach last week's HoH Kay probably wanting to know what she thought of her performance or about Blue's opinion of her but to her surprise, Kay simply trashed her away.

The no nonsense Kay told her that she wasn't ready for gossip and advised her to either tell her views to Blue herself or no one else.

Feeling a little heart broken, Chelsea broke down and tried justifying her actions saying she was doing her best as HoH and also just wanted to put her point across but not to get gossip platform.

She rushed to the kitchen where Mbali and Ntombi comforted her and advised her on how to handle such situations in the future.

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