Chelsea-Ntombi, a new showmance?

newChances are that when a girl is in the company of another, a little gossip will always find it's way like running water.

Yesterday, Biggie surprised the masses with alcohol supply and as expected, housemates got merry and used every moment to bond, as would be expected after taking alcohol.

What caught our eyes however, was the closeness between Ntombi and Chelsea the two young residents showcased yesterday, playing and running around like little ones.

Meanwhile, Ntombi has always admired the other half of MbalSea - Mbali and she would throw compliments towards her from time to time.

Ntombi and Chelsea got down to an interesting chit-chat during which the former warned the latter against getting close and intimate with Pumba because he'd already been close to evicted Tiffini. Ntombi also shared that she loves rap but had trouble penning down her lyrics.

Is this a new showmance in pipeline?

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