Condom pranks

wetAs housemates awaited Biggie's bells last night, some of them started played dirty tricks on others, in other words, their idle minds became the devil's workshop.

While seated upstairs on their beds, Matthias and Chelsea discovered a condom filled with water underneath Sibu's sheets and they came to a clonclusion that someone was busy pulling a prank them.

Interestingly, Matthias' school bag had gone missing and he only realized he'd lost it while he was summoned to the diary room with Sibu. He cried foul play to Biggie, was that an excuse to escape the big man's wrath?

Now this inflated condom was more of a sign of sabotage. He ran down to alert Sibu, who was busy walking the beat and carrying out his prefect duties like a soldier.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch Chelsea was beside herself. She viewed this as the perfect prank and tried cajole a hesitant Tembi into her plan. The plan was to fill more balloons or condoms with water and hide them under everyone’s covers.

The house seems to be full of pranksters and April Fool's Day didn't help matters.

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