Every girl loves a little pampering

spaaaAfter coming out tops during the Friday Night games, Mbali and Chelsea got their well deserved Spa treat courtesy of Biggie.

The message came through HoH Soxx who informed Mbali and Chelsea that they were to head to the Chill room. Surprisingly, Chelsea opted to take Kay and Pumba with them, we all know that she doesn't get along well with Kay but perhaps this was a kind of reconciliation of sorts.

Mbali and Chelsea lay on the make-shift beds as theIR bodies were given rub-downs by Biggie's ever professional personnel. Meanwhile, Pumba and Kay got foot massages and their nails were on too. Soft drinks were also provided as the foursome enjoyed every moment away from the pressures and stress of the house.

At some point, Kay became so talkative, was it because she hadn't been to the Spa before? Well, Chelsea advised her to keep quiet and just enjoy what was being done to her body.

After an hour, the two pairs walked out the Chill room all looking relaxed, happy and ready to rock the house again.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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