Evictions this week will be 'fatal'

toughBy the look of things, yesterday's nominations were based on strong players of the game and the weak links, housemates generally want to rid the house of strong contenders/pairs and the it seems the earlier this is done for them the better.

Mbali and Chelsea have been up in the recent past but it surely seems their latest game exploits and command in the game and house generally has not been well received by some residents as the two ladies seem to be in danger this week.

After the nominations, the likes of Kay and Ace stationed themselves in corners and seemed worried with Blue evidently getting heart broken by what she felt had hit her.

This week could turn out to be a cold one to the 'strong' characters and a shocker too. We can't wait to see how events will go down in the next few days, dynamics are bound to change big time.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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