Fake week hits hard

fakPoor Housemates, they hardly know that this week's nominations are fake and so is everything that happens in that house like the fake call Pumba answered from Biggie.

Biggie gathered the troops in the lounge last evening and informed them about the pairs that had made the 'dreaded' fake nomination list. Ace-Ntombi and Soxx-Tembi were the 'unlucky' pairs but Captains K2 and Blue had the privilege of saving one of the pairs and replacing it with another. However, after that call Pumba had answered from Biggie, it meant that he together with Kay had to join the fake nomination list.

'Luckily' though for Pumba and Kay, the Heads of House decided to save them and replace them with Chelsea and Mbali meaning the housemates are now convinced that this week, two pairs; Soxx-Tembi and Mbali-Chelsea are up for possible eviction, but we all know that this is fake as Friday will reveal to us the real nominees.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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