Forget the troubles, housemates are back

probsThe past two or so weeks have not been easy for the poor housemates as a lot did happen, that incident with booted Adams and Bexx made Biggie to come up with a decision that made many if not all hate the game for a while as their alcohol supply was greatly affected as a measure to curb the negative intoxication consequences.

Well, after a series of Wager, couples and individual wins, the housemates seem to have put all the bad days behind them and have decided to move on with life save for the bickering couples including Soxx-Tembi who won't stop showcasing their insecurities and Khali-Bongi who are evidently affected by the poor run of form with the looming evictions also taking a toll on the embattled pair.

With three weeks to go and two more wagers to fight for, do you see this winning streak continuing or housemates will relax as it seems to have become a norm for them to win?

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