Getting on my nerves

shipWhat started off as an admired partnership is now being labeled as the bad one in the house thanks to the bickering Mbali and Chelsea have exposed themselves to.

The two ladies started off well with bagging R10.000 just after two weeks in the house thanks to Matthias and Sibu but that came with it conditions as it followed housemates being limited to a liquid diet that had tongues wagging against the lady pair.

Their presence was further cemented when they won the much coveted HoH crown but their reign didn't go on smoothly because Chelsea was always accused of neglecting her duties as co-captain and leaving everything to Mbali, she even shed a tear at some point because one of the lady residents opened up to her about her inconsistence.

Recently, they also had a fight where they accused each other of not winning the ticket to finale after Chelsea opened the wrong lid. That was followed closely by their team losing out on the HoH challenge again with the ladies laying blame on each other. The  ship has indeed sunk!

Who's a better player of the game and who's using who, Chelsea or Mbali?

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  1. Quit being judgemental on the girls big brother Africa. After all this is a game 2 mills on the cards. I see all pairs bickering and getting on one another's nerves. Put yourself in their situation closed up for a month with strangers. This will happen. Power puff girls are strangers with different personalities. They will clash, fight. Argue. Get together in the end. They are focused on winning the grand prize at all odds. Well done power puff girls. Vote vote vote. Woman power.

  2. but then again Priscilla they should stop act as if they are too perfect

  3. they should stay real like all the housemates and stop looking down on them, eg . Chelsea mentioned that she has no type in the house. what do you call that?

  4. The title "Double Trouble" says it's just normal for conflicts between teams,escpecially they were paired on the show..