Gino-Tiffini exit, how the game stands

stanThe game started with 10 pairs (20 housemates) three weeks ago but as we write this, it's less than three pairs (six housemates) which leaves us with 7 pairs (14 housemates) as we edge closer to mid - season.

All the three exited pairs; Ex-Lebo, Sibu-Matthias and Gino-Tiffini surely left a mark in the house. Who can afford to forget Matthias, Ex, Lebo or even the 'crazy' Tiffini? No one we guess but its a game and that's the most ugly part of it, all the same, it's events like evictions that make it worth watching.

Meanwhile, as we stand at this point in the game, the housemates seem to be on their toes thanks to those strikes issued to three pairs. That surely sent a strong message as any other inappropriate behavior will lead to other strikes and subsequent disqualifications.

Do you think Biggie was fair with his strikes?

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