Hard-work pays as Sibu heads to the Spa

spaIndeed hard work does pay! After 'thumping' the rest of the gang in Double or Nothing task on Friday, Sibu's reward was to have a Spa treat today Saturday and just as expected, Biggie came through. While others were eating porridge down stairs cooked by Matthias, Sibu enjoyed a morning of pampering and got a relaxing massage and a soothing pedicure.

The pampered fashionista got a run for his money and arrogant as always, he told the ladies that he deserved to be carried down stairs because his feet did not deserve to touch the floor.

We saw him bragging about it to his housemates and at the moment everything to him is just an occasion while other housemates think it’s just normal to have a body massage.

Enjoy yourself Sibu!

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