Housemates win another

pipeIn the early afternoon, Biggie gathered all housemates as HoH Soxx had a task brief to read out to them. It was all about constructing their own Pipeline that will be able to transport Liquid solution from point A to B as clearly marked in the garden.

As soon as the task brief reading was done, Soxx, Ace, Khali and others actively got to work  and construction works began.

Housemates were given one hour to do this and Biggie also warned them not to remove the tyres placed in the garden as they were only guiding them on how to come up with their pipeline. Pumba gave out instructions while Ace along side Soxx manned the main construction work but he (Ace) would steal a few moments to puff away like a king that he is.

After the hour, housemates were done with the construction and asked Biggie if they could try out pouring in the Liquid solution to see if it would flow normally, he gave them the green light and the results left everyone's face bright.

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