Is Pumba the shiest of them all?

SHYThere may be so many young, sexy and classy ladies in the house and one would be tempted to think that it should be quite easy to vibe one or so of the ladies but not until your our very own Pumba.

He and Tiffini were spending some quality time together of late, cuddling on the couch and sharing their last cigarette, flirting and soaking each other’s company up. They were getting closer by the day.

With all that space and time to themselves, coupled with all the signs Tifiini has showed over the past few days, what else did poor Pumba need to get things started?

While she might have had the hot’s for goner Ex, Tiffini had moved quickly on to Pumba and boy was she feeling him. He had clearly developed a crush on her and it was growing. He gravitated towards her and lagged behind her every chance he got.

He’d given her a timid peck on the cheek, in the late hours of last night, and this morning he couldn’t tear himself away from her while she cooked the housemates a breakfast for champs in the kitchen. He looked on like a love-struck teen as she gracefully did her thing over a pan of eggs. They sang along to a couple of ditties, and flowed seamlessly in and out of conversation with comfortable and affectionate silences in between.

Is Pumba the shiest among the boys in the house?

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