It's D-day but morale is low

mbadance"It's the day that the Lord has made!" Housemates will yet again today be part of the fifth Wager presentation of the season and all they do now is being done in final touches' mode.

However, after having a little too much to drink the previous night, hangover seems to have taken over the housemates as evidenced today morning after just a handful of them reported for the routine exercise session. It's only hard-worker Mbali who did some cleaning around the house.

The Power Dance challenge is still on but today's response left a lot to be desired after Biggie played some soothing music and housemates were expected to dance but all seemed to be faking with Pumba and Soxx clearly carrying sleepy heads.

Housemates Wagered 100% once again and Biggie will expect 100% commitment, hope this doesn't cost them their Wager.

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